In your bag No: 1531 – Solenne Brugiroux

Solenne shows off her overhauling skills on these classic German icons that are never far away.

My name is Solenne Brugiroux, I’m a French Architect shooting photos for a while now! I first started to really work with digital cameras when I was living in Tokyo, I spend most of my nights walking around the city with my cameras and my tripod. But now most of the time I only use Film cameras. The way it started with film cameras is quite funny, I ended up one day with 2 or 3 very old cameras and started to repair them. After that I searched for other old cameras I could repair on eBay, flea markets etc… And every time I could fix one, I was walking on the streets testing it! Now I have a nice collection of vintage cameras I use every week! I shoot only black and white films that I develop myself with Xtol developer.

I mainly shoot street photography and Architecture photography! Although I tried to put my « architect’s mind » aside sometimes! 

The picture shows the bag I’ve been carrying around since the middle of May during my stay in Portugal. I’ve become a big fan of 6X6 format and the Rolleiflex 3.5 Planar. 

The two cameras on the picture are: A Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar and a Super Ikonta 531 A Tessar, I bought them both in a non-functional state, but after a couples of days of hard work, they work fine! 

If you are curious about my work, you can follow me on instagram: @so_bru

Thanks! All the best


Thanks for sharing your bag shot with us Solenne. Mad props on getting those beauties working again!

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