In your bag 447, Cho Hao-Yu
Cho Hao-yu has sent me one of the most ambitious bag shots of all. 3 different camera bag in one shot. I usually wouldn’t feature all of them, but I thought this one should go it. Maybe it is the funky colour in the image. Who knows? Anyway, enjoy…

Hi, ya’ll:

My name is Cho Hao-Yu. I am a Taiwanese but now live in Texas, US. I consider myself as a street, documentary photographer though sometime I also do wedding photography as part time job. Collecting and testing different camera (film camera only!!) from different brand is kind of my leisure time habits. Therefore, I have lots of gear in my home and I just list some of them in the photo.

I got three camera bags. They are Domke FX5-B, a twenty years old billingham and a Kelly Moore boy bag. I decide which one I will bring out with me depend on the destination, camera size and what kind of transportation I will use.

About the camera, Minolta manual and Contax CY mount are two of my main system. Though they interpret the world in almost totally different ways, I like them both. I got super wide angle lens for both system due to that is the perfect lens for street photography. You need to get close to people but won’t make them feel to offense. I also have 85mm telescope lenses for the portrait photos when I was in wedding mode.

For the RF camera, I got a Leica M5 with a Leitz 40/F2, and an old French made Foca CP III which I believe is a copy of Leica III. I don’t have too many things to say about RF camera due to I do like the touch of the camera. But I tend to think I am more like a SLR guy and never really get into RF world.

I also have a TLR camera which is Yashica Mat 124-G. I really like 6×6 frame but it is hard to scan it here in the Texas. So I rarely bring it out with me that is kind of sad.

Point & shoot camera is my main weapon for on street photography in daily life. I almost always have one this type of camera on hand when I am walking on the street. I got a Minolta TC-1 which is my favorite. A Ricoh GR21, I like the super wide angle lens but hate the flare. A Contax T3 and a Pentax UC-1.

Generally speaking, I don’t like flash light so I rarely bring my flash with me though I have one Contax TLA 360. I prefer natural light in the moment.

If you are interested with my work, check my photo on flickr:

Thanks for watching!


Thanks for sharing your bags with us Hao-yu, nice to see that film displayed prominently.
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