In your bag 943, Carlos Cabalu
Carlos had an awesome setup last time around, and he doesn’t disappoint this time either. Mind you, I am not sure that a Ziploc counts as a bag…

Hello again Bellamy and fellow JCH readers,
Carlos from Philadelphia here with a follow-up to my TLR kit featured in post 695.
This is my cycling set-up and it features two bags: The Ziploc Snack Bag and the larger Ziploc Quart Storage Bag.
The bags keep my phone and camera protected from condensation in the winter and from the sweat off my back on humid rides. Both bags feature Smart Zip Plus, which uses tactile and visual feedback—red plus blue equals purple—to ensure a good seal. The camera/bag combo just barely fits in my middle jersey pocket.

The Olympus has been a reasonably good ultra-compact camera. It’s pretty sharp even wide open. Maybe it’s the two-blade aperture design. My only complaint is that the advance lever can dig into my spine. For that reason I’m saving up for an even more compact Rollei 35.

My prescription sunglasses are polarized and tinted in a subtle rose. Back in my color-dork days I would balk at contrast lenses; I preferred the true hues—think ND lenses. Nowadays I have seen the light; it’s true what they say about rose-colored glasses.

What else. I have keys which help get me back into the house. They’re pretty good at that. I use the bike computer to make sure I don’t work too hard. And lastly the energy gel that’s been in my pocket for several months now. That’s okay, it expired in 2012. They hand these out at races and I never seem to get through my stock…

Carlos Cabalu

Thanks for sharing your gear again, Carlos. That Olympus is cool.
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