In your bag No: 689, Clare Gross
Clare from Lightleaks shares her bag today. Although I must admonish her for not actually putting a bag in the shot. Still, cool gear.

It’s taken be absolutely ages to get this photo to you… being the owner of a film dedicated lab in Melbourne, Australia ( I find it nearly impossible to find time to go out shooting myself, I tend rather to enjoy our customers’ fabulous photos.

So on the rare occasion I get to go and use actual cameras, they’re usually ones that I’m testing and reselling.

At the moment, these are the cameras I’ve been playing with:


Canon TX (50mm 1.8 lens & telephoto lens) a bit on the heavy side but lovely to use.

Agfa Bilinar (very antiquated but very fun to use, I love bellows!)

Yashica Electro 35 GSM (my new obsesssion is the Yashica Electro 35 & I prefer the original even though the max ISO is only 500)

You’ll notice a JCH film case too, filled with an assortment of film, mainly colour at the moment and mainly just trying to get through my stash.

The camera strap is pretty cute too, I bought it from my own shop.

Oh, and of course my phone and sunnies, duh.

Thanks for letting me share my stuff with you!


Thanks for sharing your gear Clare. Although I am sure it has probably changed by now. Next time put a bag in the picture.
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