In your bag 920, Otto Witte
Todays bag is a whole lotta Leica. Come and check it out.

Even though the bag is slightly heavier, I always like to have all my equipment with me.
When traveling, it is always annoying when exactly things are at home , you require in special situations.

Domke F 2 waxed bag , solid & durable , best for traveling and urban expeditions

Leica M 6 for the analogue and meditative hours in the darkroom

Leica M 9 P for colored snapshots

Leica M Monochrom for street photography and morbide situations – the sharpness of the pictures – wow

Summicron 35mm Aspeherical with the metal hood

Summicron 35mm Vers. III pre.Asph for retro-feeling

Summilux 21mm – Weight an value of gold ingot – but an excellent performer with exorbitant image quality

Summicron 75mm the lens for portrait photography

Tele Elmar 135mm – heavy, long, slow but there a certain moments I am happy to have it in my bag

Apart from that Retro-cable release, a couple of filters for the M6 and MM, 21mm Viewfinder, SD – Cards

Different 135er B&W Film Rolls – Trix 400, Tmax100, Rollei 25

Booklet for creative ideas, develop-recipes and other notice

Swiss Army Knife

Pepper Spray for self-defense (I never used it)

If you want to see some of my pics:
O. Witte, Wiesbaden, Germany

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Otto. That Domke is lovely.
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