In your bag No: 1532 – Devon Salyer

Devon balances high fashion with low budget in his kit of choice for checking out the latest in space tech.

I’m Devon Salyer and I am an event photographer/videographer in Alabama. Here’s the bag that I took to NASA at the Park last week.

Nikon N6000 with 28mm 2.8 AF-D lens- This is the manual focus brother of the Nikon N6006. I’m enjoying shooting with it, even though I keep expecting it to autofocus itself, so I have a few botched images in this roll. Oh well. It’s currently loaded with Adox 100 black and white film.

Panorama camera- I picked this camera up for a buck at a local Goodwill store a few years back. It’s a cheap toy camera that masks out a third of the 35mm frame. I have some Lomography Redscale film loaded into it. I dislike the film and want to get rid of it. It doesn’t fit my shooting style. I may shoot a roll of fujicolor 200 through it later.

Great Wall Plastic Company Diana camera- It’s the original Diana camera and its loaded up with some Kodak Ektar. I admit, I have too many of these cameras.

Lomography Color Negative 100 and Fujicolor 200 films- standby films in case I feel like shooting more. But it’s Alabama in June and it’s hot, so they’ll probably stay unused.

Wallet and keys- after all, this is my purse. It’s doubling as a camera bag today.

Random 20 peso bill- I haven’t been to Mexico since 2015 and it’s still in my purse. Maybe it’s time I clean out the clutter.

Thanks for sharing your bag shot with us Devon. I’ve never tried Adox films, how you liking it?

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