In your bag 1011, David Shoukry
David has made a relatively late change to film, but now he has an iteresting mix of gear. I do hope he doesn’t carry all of that though.

I’m a British Music teacher, living and working in Malaysia. I’ve been in Asia for a few years, with my wife and daughter, working and travelling. Aside from living in a great climate, South East Asia is fantastic for travel and photography, and I have spent the last few years shooting portraits, landscape and street in India, Nepal, Singapore and Thailand to name a few.

I’ve used my Canon 5D MK2 for most of this but have recently come to film – comparatively late at the age of 39. Like everyone else, using film has slowed me down and I take much more care with each shot, especially with the Leica R5 which takes pride of place. In the photo you can see an orange filter on the R5, which had a roll of Tri-X inside.

The bag is an old Billingham from the 90s, and it carries around at various times:

Canon 5D MKII

Canon EOS 3

Leica R5 w/ Summicron 50mm f2

Bronica SQ-A

Canon 50mm f1.2L

Canon 135mm f2L

Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART

Portra 160/400

Tri-X 400

Ektar 400

David Shoukry

Thanks for sharing your bag with us David. Though I am curious, why do you carry your passport?
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