In your bag 1008, Aji
Aji Shares with us his very simple and very cool bag straight from the Philippines. Check it out.

I’m Aji from the Philippines. Here’s a shot of what’s in my camera bag:

Nikon FM2 with 50mm 1.4

Yashica 635

Sekonic L-358

Gouache Camera Bag

Started shooting digital several years ago when I was in college when I bought my Canon 400D for my photography class. I loved photography a lot but knew video production will be the direction that I was gonna take. Soon after graduating, I pursued video production, investing heavily on equipment and time to learn these stuff.

Several years of doing quite alright with my video work, I decided to buy a Nikon FM2 so I could try out film for the first time. After seeing the shots from my first roll, I fell in love! I was always excited to shoot on film, bringing my FM2 on my video shoots and taking photos in between takes and on breaks.

I enjoyed the process so much that I started to look into medium format photography and thought I might want to check that out. After a couple of days researching, I decided to buy a Yashica 635 and a light meter to go with it. Still training myself to shoot on this camera properly though, but still enjoying every bit of the learning process. Pretty soon I’ll try out developing my very own B&W film.

My only regret was not trying out film sooner. Long live film!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Aji. Nice to hear how you got into film.
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