In your bag 927, Charlotte Bae-Jaramillo
A very fashionable New York bag for you all today. Come and check this one out.

My name is Charlotte Bae-Jaramillo. You recently posted my husband’s bag picture, Raphael. I thought since he did it, it would be a good idea for me to share what I have.

I am a visual effects artist in New York. I light in computer graphics, primarily. Here is my bag, which is an extension of my body which I take with me everywhere, everyday. It is a Michael Kors black leather bag that I received as a graduation gift. Inside:

-my makeup and a japanese made hand mirror.

-ray ban sunglasses for when the illumination of the city is over gamma 2.2 (nerd joke)

-teardrops, because i wear hard contacts and my eyes tend to get dry a lot from staring at computer screens more than 8 hours a day.

-two shades of lipstick, it is very hard to find colors that complement your complexion. these are two colors i’ve found that i liked. one for day and one for night.

-my battle-scarred iphone that my puppy enjoys chewing on.

-konica c35, a simple point and shoot rangefinder that i can shoot discreetly in a fast paced city. currently loaded with fuji provia 100. i’ve found positive film works really well with this camera.

-ricoh gr, my black and white bundle of pleasure (besides my doggie). this camera renders images so closely to black and white film, that gives me the most satisfaction in a digital camera. it’s economical, it’s light, and hassle free. and i can remain secretive when shooting on the street.

-apartment keys (2nd pair, lost the original already)

-my wallet, a gift i received, made in spain. it contains no cash, but has a collection of expired IDs.

Thank you for taking a look! For some of my work, you can check out:

some of my latest VFX work:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Charlotte. Love the simplicity of the classic and modern compact.
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