In your bag No: 615, Oleksiy
It is not all that often I get to feature a bag from the Ukraine. So it gives me great pleasure to do so today. That is one of my favourite things about this series. Being able to have a peek inside bags from all over the globe. Oleksiy has been kind enough to share his today. Check it out.

My name is Oleksiy. I’m 31 years old engineer from Ukraine. Photography is my passion so I spend lots of my time for it. I have several cameras and use one of them depending my needs or mood. All my photos about my life, family, friends and journeys. Mostly I use film cameras. One of the reasons why I do this way I’m afraid to lose my photos because of Solar flare or nuclear war (surly I read lots of apocalyptic fiction books, lol). Indeed, I felt in love with a film many years ago, like most of JCH’s readers, and don’t want to  change my mind.

A few words about my stuff:

– Bronica SQ-A with several lenses (not on the picture). I love this camera. I’m quiet satisfied with the result it gives me. Mostly I use it for the portraits, but don’t hesitate to take it in my journeys sometimes.

– Yashica 124G. It’s really simple and useful camera. I really like TLR cameras because I can shot hand held on long shooter speed. I use it for occasionally shoots and my journeys.

-Fuji GS645S is a newbie in my bag. I bought several months ago and still don’t know whether I like to shoot rangefinder cameras or not. But I need to say camera has superb lens and really simple in use.

– Seconic 308L is my best friend. You know every good photo begins from proper light-measuring.

– A few rolls of film. Mostly I shoot with FP4 and TRI-X.

– Set of filters. I can’t imagine B&W photography without color filters

– My life would be so bored without music and literature.

– The knife. No one knows what will happen next day.

– and the old bag of cause. This is my second National Geographic’s bag. I really like it because my bag doesn’t look like photo equipment.

– as many of you I have digital camera but I rarely use it. the bast part of my Nikon D700 is strap! I attached it to my Bronica.

You can see my photos on flickr’s page

Hope you like it

Thanks for sharing your bag Oleksiy. I love the D700 strap on the Bronica, that is pretty cool.
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