In your bag No: 1402, Christopher Zeng-Allen
Today we have a beautifully simple setup from a fellow camera seller. Christopher has a stunning setup. Just one beast of a camera and the basics. Check it out.

Hello everyone! 

My name is Christopher Zeng-Allen, I’m an architecture student with a great interest in film photography and film cameras in general. I live in Sydney Australia and I spend my time traveling around town taking photos and soaking up the scenes. In my spare time aside from study and my personal photography, I run an online film camera shop on ETSY that I have started recently, it’s called Sydney35mm. I have been collecting film cameras for quite a while and I’m pretty disappointed at the lack of film camera stores in Sydney. I also happen to have experienced many frustrating purchases from Ebay and Gumtree where I have bought lemon cameras that were faulty and did not match the online description. I want Sydney35mm to be a trustworthy store where people can expect good quality cameras where everything including the damages and faults are listed out. 

I would love if you can support my store by checking out

Now onto my bag: 


Currently I am rocking a Contax RTS III which I am in love with. I have been shooting this camera for over a month now and I am really impressed by the ergonomics of this camera as well as the beautiful shutter sound! This Contax comes with a built in motor drive which shoots impressive burst shots. I am keen on buying more Contax cameras in the future, I have my eye set on a Contax G1 which I can’t wait to try out one day. 

Lens: YASHICA ML MACRO 55mm f/2.8 

This lens came with the camera and it has been the only lens I have used with this body so far. I’m impressed by this lens. Initially I wasn’t too excited about the lens because I really didn’t care about the macro feature and have never really experienced Yashica lenses. However, the sharpness of this lens isn’t the best. I am saving up to purchase a Carl Zeiss Planar to complete the package! 


This bag is bloody awesome.I copped this bag for $99 AUD and it’s the only bag I have used to carry my camera around. This bag can hold 2 full sized cameras and some extra books in the back sleeve. The size of this bag is very compact, I take this bag to university everyday, I absolutely love and recommend this bag. 

Film: ILFORD XP1 400 

The film I use on a regular basis are ILFORD XP2 400 and FUJI c200. I’ve ran out of film so I pulled out my dusty pack of XP1 400 that was handed down by my dad, waiting for my film to be processed. 



I spend a lot of my time taking candid photos of couples I see on the street. This book was recommended by my girlfriend, it’s beautiful poetry that I read when I take photos, I love this book. 


This pen is amazing, I use it for university, notebooking, sketching and signing stuff. It’s also designed in Germany. My leica pen.

NOTEBOOK: some generic cheap notebook

I don’t understand why notebooks are so expensive these days, I guess people buy them because they look good. 

Thanks Bellamy, I’m a big fan of you, I hope you read my submission

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Kind Regards,

Christopher Zeng-Allen

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Christopher. I have been following Sydney35mm on instagram, you have some lovely cameras.
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