In your bag No: 1401, Eduardo Oropeza
Kicking past 1400, on we go. And today we have a bag coming to you from Mexico. Eduardo shares with us the gear that led him back to film photography, all thank to the wonders of the interwebz. Check it out.

Hello everyone! My name is Eduardo,  I’m an enthusiast photographer and visual arts lover from Mexico.  And this is what’s in my bag, well… not really cause It wouldn’t fit. But lately I’ve shooting a lot with this cameras, I’m gonna share with you guys a quick story on how I got hooked up into film.

My affair with analogue cameras started October last year on a trip to Guadalajara for a ‘’World Wide Instameet’’ where I met Ignacio Woolfolk and his friends Almendra and Rebeca from Monterrey. 

I was outside the ‘’Degollado Theater’’ when I saw this group of guys loaded with film cameras and right after that I went to talk to them. I remember I started the conversation with a ‘’hey, that’s a cool camera may I take a look’’ (i have to say I’ve been always visually attracted to vintage cameras). 

A spark lighted up inside me, It was like an epiphany! In that moment al lot of images went in through my mind. I realized that a couple of family members owned some 35mm cameras  so I was pretty sure it was just matter of dig in to it  so I could find some for myself. 

And that’s what I did, I went to several uncle’s houses searching for some old cameras. I did found a couple; they were the Minolta XG-1 and the Nikon FM, unfortunately  they were so abandoned and jammed. Inoperative cameras which I took to a repair shop. A friend of mine handed me the Voigtländer that is on the top of my bag, beautiful piece of glass that 50mm Nokton 1.5 that it carries. That small camera you see hanging from a side of the bag is a Pocket Fujica (it came with the little flash on top of the Minolta) which my father used many years ago when 110film was still alive here in America, that’s a bummer for me cause I don’t think I will be able to use that format at least on this side of the world. And the Nikon F2… the tank. I just bought it recently on a trip to Chicago. F2 it’s one of my personal favorites, just as the Nikon FM with the  24mm 2.8 just beautiful piece of equipment. 

That’s how I got the cameras, working perfectly now and since then I’ve been shooting mostly 35mm film (TRI-X more specificity), way more than digital. Even though I haven’t developed but only like 5 rolls on the last 6 months, but those were developed just to make sure the light meters on the cameras were working properly.

Lately I’ve been working on a couple of photo essays on the street photography subject, but I’m waiting for the right time to develop my batch of rolls because where I live it’s kind of hard and expensive.

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just to wrap this up I’d like to thank Bellamy a.k.a JCH for letting me be part of this amazing project I really appreciate your work! Keep it up, cheers from Mexico.

Thanks for getting involved and sharing your bag with us, Eduardo. Nice to see the Minolta making an appearance.
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