In your bag No: 1220, Juan Acosta
Today we have a bag coming to you from Vietnam. Juan’s brother was on the site with his bag in the past and now Juan is here too, sharing his travel bag which will journey through Vietnam with him. Check it out.

Hey Bellamy greetings from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam!

I’m a big fan of your site and love looking at the amazing cameras other people have shared. Alas I figured I would share my humble kit.

I moved to Vietnam recently for a life change and as a result with the help of my brother Jaime Acosta (in your bag 1074). I have assembled this trusty (so far) camera kit for my travels as well as for a photo project I am hoping to begin once the raining season ends and I save enough money working. My plan is to leisurely travel up Vietnam on motorbike and photograph some landscapes as well as some street photos and portraits.

Ok now to the kit.

Bag(s): L.L. Bean continental rucksack, a solid nearly waterproof top-loading rucksack with plenty of storage for my camera kit film and 3 days of clothes. Ape Case Camera insert fits both my film and digital camera. padded lens pouch for whichever lens I’m not using.

Electronics: Macbook Pro, Kindle, and basic samsung brick phone.

books: My instant vietnamese pocket guide and my Moleskine notebook for writing down popular vietnamese phrases as well as keeping record of the camera settings I shoot with

Miscellaneous: Hat and Sunglasses

Camera: A beautifully kept Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic in the original leather two piece case. I love the size and feel of this camera, its solid yet the shutter is not nearly as loud as the more popular k1000. camera was recommended and found by my brother.

Lenses: stock super-takumar f1.8/55mm its got that lovely yellow hue from the radioactive coating in the glass. SMC-takumar f3.5/28mm lens.

Tripod: ultra-pod II table top tripod with a velcro strap for attaching to branches or railings what have you.

not pictured: Olympus pen lite epl-5. 24 rolls of film ranging from ilford xp2, kentmere 400, agfa 400, and fujifilm proplusII 200

Anyways I hope you and your readers enjoy my kit

my film photos are on

and my digital photos are on my facebook page,
or instagram 432juan

Juan Acosta

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Juan. I hope you have a fantastic trip. I am very jealous.
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