In your bag 999, Patrick Alejandro
This is it, number 999. What a run it has been, I wonder what the future will hold? We will see. But today we have a fantastic bag to send off the first 1000 bags. Check it out.

Hi, My name is Eric, I’m 41, and live in Paris – France.

I shot my first rolls about ten years ago with an old Canon FT (FL mount), « just to see what happens », really. And I was hooked !
Now I shoot with A Leica M8, a Leica M7 that I sadly do not use much right now, and a black Canon FTb QL. No more than two lenses per bag on any trip, on a count of three, per camera. Only prime lenses.

I keep my M8 and M7 in Paris for street photography mainly, but the Canon FTb QL is a perfect choice when I’m on holidays on the coasts of Normandy, like I am now. It is a simple, reliable camera, that can cope with the weather of this part of France, where you can go from winter to summer in the same day. It’s an extremely robust piece of equipment, thus I do not fear to use it in the open sea air, under the rain, in the cold, and onto the sea.


So here is my bag for my seashore trips :

Camera : A black Canon FTb QL (first version, pre-1973. NO plastic). Much rarer and more discreet than the chorme version. Built like a tank, it hardly vibrates at shutter release, has a clever and simple metering, and its features « quick loading » (QL) of the film.

Lenses : A standard FD 35mm f2.8, for everyday shooting, and a small and lightweight FD 300 mm f5.6, for shooting stuff far on the sea, like boats or lighthouses. Handy.

A few rolls of Ilford FP4 Plus. 125 only : that’s summer after all (hence the sunglasses as standard equipment)

A simple camera bag, small enough not to make me look like a plumber, but big enough to accomadate the 300mm on top of the rest, and some stuff to clean the lenses from time to time.

And that’s it…

Some of my photos, go to : Hope you enjoy !

Best Regards
Eric Rossignol

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Eric. Very cool to see the Ftb.
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