In your bag 460, Tristan Parker
Todays bag is bright and brilliant. Tristian shares with us his bag from Melbourne, which happens to be one of my favourite cities in the whole wide world. Check it out.

I am from Melbourne Australia, and have recently got back into photography after a long hiatus. I originally did a lot of black and white studio work in high school and uni shooting 6×6 on a Mamiya C220 (I still have the camera, and still use it, but it doesnt go in the bag ofter, so not in the shot).

I was away for photography from about 1997 till September last year when I bought the OMD. Love the thing to bits and it has got me reunited with the art again. Since then I have been on a bit of an buying frenzy, this will stop now (my wife may read this so best to say that)…

I have now got the two lenses that I feel are the lenses for the Micro 4/3 system, both the 25mm and 17.5mm Voigtlanders. I love manual glass, and the build, finish, and picture quality out of these things is simply stunning.

I also purchased a Nikon FA with a 50mm f1.4. I have a emotional tie to these things. Back in 1990 or so I lived in the persian gulf in Oman with my Dad for a while, this was his second camera after he bought a F4… His second camera, my first. The camera is what I learnt to shoot with and it still feels very natural for me to use.

The final piece to the puzzle was the Contax T2 (Thanks Bellamy)… I wanted something that fit in my pocket, and wanted quality. A few (well lots really) emails backwards and forwards discussing pocket size gems with Bellamy, and this arrived on my doorstep last week. Not much use yet, but so far seems promising.

So the rest if a roll or two of extra film (I bulk roll HP5 mainly, something the T2 will struggle with as you cant get DX coded canisters anymore, but it defaults to 100iso and I get my 2 stops back by shooting at -2EV, I just cant push the film anymore). Spare battery for the OMD, cleaning cloth, and a polarizing filter, and a ND4 filter for when its really bright and you need to dull things a little.

So, thats about it… Well, there is the bag. I am a cyclist so I use a backpack as I often ride with the camera. I shove the OMD and lenses in the crumpler and stuff this to the bottom of the bag, the FA sits on top of that, and the T2 in the front pocket. I carry the camera out all the time when walking on a slider strap, and have a second slider plate attached to the second camera so its simple to switch the strap over quickly.

Love the site Bellamy, and love the interaction from others on what they are using the pedal their craft… I am falling headover heals in love with photography again, Its great to have a community of like mided people to know Im not going completely insane… Safety in numbers and all.

Tristan Parker

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tristan. Glad to hear you are getting back into photography. Keep it up.
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