In your bag 459, Sam Fung
Sam shares his bag with us today, and it is used for a hybrid style of photography. So there are a few different cameras inside. Come and see this delightful bag.

I’m Sam Fung from San Francisco, California.  I like to shoot a hybrid of street photography, street fashion, and lifestyle.  I don’t know what genre it is exactly, but it’s a little bit of all three in a single picture usually.  Sometimes I shoot models as well.

A little bit about myself: I started photography with a Canon 20D, then later a 5D Mark II and some high end lenses.  All my photos were crappy because I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t understand the light, and shot in auto-mode all the time.  What?  I know.  All that has changed after I picked up my first FILM camera, Leica M6, in 2012.  It really forces me to think, slow down, and most importantly, really really learn what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are all about.  When you have a digital camera with thousand different settings and features, you get overwhelmed by them and forget that great photography really comes down to three basic settings, composure, and a click.

I like my M6 so much that I also bought a M9 because I wanted a digital with similar build and operation.  It’s a great camera and I like its simplicity.  It takes some amazing pictures.  I shot with it for about a year now but I’m selling it because digital cameras don’t hold up value very well.  I need to get some money back while it still has some remaining values.  I could use that money for more film cameras and more films.  Better and newer cameras come up every 6 months or a year.  There’s really no need to hang on to the M9 when the quality of some APS-C and full frame censors perform better, not to mention that the new Leica M will likely drive the M9 value down even further.  As much as I like the M9, it’s just a tool for me to create pictures.  I have a hutch that Sony or Fujifilm will release a compact full frame camera (compatible with Leica glass using a adapter) very soon that will give Leica M and M9 a run for its money.

So for now, I’m sticking with three old cameras and here’s my bag.

1. Canon 5D Mark II and 40mm f/2.8 – I sold all my other Canon leses and only keep a 40mm f/2.8.  This lens is sharp, light, and more reliable than the 50mm f/1.2 I had at one tenth of the cost, although not as fast.

2. Leica M6, 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 Summicron – If the 5D Mark II were a BMW or Mercede to me, this would be my Ferrari.  It’s a pleasure to use it.

3. Contax 645 and 80mm f/2 – I was inspired by Jose Villa’s work and I decided to get his camera for myself.  This is a great medium format camera.  It’s more usable than the Hasselblad 500cm for me.

4. Billingham bag – A birthday gift from my girl friend.  She’s amazing.

5. Sekonic L308S light meter – If you want to get the light right, use a light meter.

6. Rayban sunglasses

7. Moleskine notebook

8. Montblanc pen

9. Film Kodak Tri-X, Portra, ColorPlus, Fujifilm Pro 400H, Superia, and Arista Premium B&W.

I hope you enjoy my bag and don’t forget to visit my tumblr site.  I try to post at least one photo a day and I have months of photos queued up.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Sam. It is great to see someone shooting the contax 645, that is a hell of a camera.
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