In your bag 353, Griffin Simm
Ooooh, now this is nice. An original Crumpler bag to share with you. The original ones are wonderfully made and look awesome. Griffin has a cool set up to keep in his Crumpler. Check it out.

Hello there JCH!

My name is Griffin Simm. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have taught myself over a period of a year & a half, during this time I have grown a appreciation for street & Portraiture. I enjoy exploring Melbourne and it’s surroundings a lot and I shoot for no one else’s enjoyment but my own. I have used many digital cameras, but find film is far more alluring and fun! Now onto my Bag.

– An Original Crumpler Complete Seed Bag

This has been in my family for quite some time, carrying the family video camera and the likes. It carries all I could ever need and more.

– 1960’s Tripod with Leather Case

This tripod belonged to my step-grandfather. I found it along with a Broken Ricoh 300 RF. (Not pictured)

– Yashica 1C Lynx 14E Rangefinder

I bought this beautiful camera for $90 from a very dodgy shop in inner city Melbourne. I love the way the 45mm f/1.4 renders even the most simplest of scenes. Unfortunately the meter on this camera is not functioning, thus I must use my iPhone.

– Cosina Hi-Lite w/ Cosinon 50mm f/.18

Another camera I found in the closet that belonged to my step-grandfather. I love this camera for it’s mechanical operation, no batteries needed!

– Nikon 35Ti

Yet another inherited camera. This point and shoot produces some incredibly sharp images and is a joy to use. The dials on this thing are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

– Canon 550D w/ Sigma 30mm f/1.4 & Canon 50mm f/1.8

I use this camera for the Majority of photos (Processing film as a student is expensive!) However I am considering selling it for a Fuji X100.

– iPhone 4S (Not pictured)

I am a massive Hipstamatic and VSCO cam fan.

– Film

I like to try something different each time. I am currently infatuated with the likes of Ektar & Portra film stocks.

– Marshall Major Headphones

Great quality small headphones.

– Pokka Peach Tea

I usually raid an Asian Supermarket before setting out.

– Keys

Key, Swiss Army Knife, and Portra 160vc Key Ring.

I post my work daily on

Thank you!

Griffin Simm.

Thanks for sharing the bag with us. Love all the inherited cameras and the bag is awesome. I have a weakness for classic Crumpler bags and have a couple myself.
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