In your bag 998, Uel Lim
Well this is about as good as it gets really. A great bag, some camera porn and a shedload of film. What more could you ask for?
Check it out.

My name is Uel Lim and I’m a street and travel photographer based in Sydney. My primary bag is pretty simple and usually contains my M7 and a notebook. That said, I really love instant photography and have started to explore the world of medium format photography as well.

What’s in my bag:

1. Traveler’s notebook & pen – most versatile and customizable notebook I’ve come across.

2. Headphones – have come in handy on many a long bus, train or plane trip.

3. Playing cards – you never know when you may have a spare moment for a quick game of big 2.

4. Leica M7 (stealth dot haha) with a 50mm Summilux – stealth dot does pretty much nothing but make the camera look a little “cooler” in my opinion.

5. Extra Film! – For 35mm I mainly shoot Ektar100 and TMAX400.


Other cameras sometimes found in my bag:

1. Fuji Fotorama FP-1 – my pick for using current peel apart polaroid film.

2. SX-70 – my favorite polaroid camera, just wish film was cheaper!

3. Bronica EC-TL II – new addition to the family and quickly becoming an important member.

I also have a large stash of film chilling in my fridge just because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.


My stash is currently made up of:

1. Lots of Ektar100 – finest grain and really saturated colours (love it for travel photography).

2. TMAX400 – usually pushed to 1600 for that extra speed and contrast.

3. FP-100C – relatively cheap polaroid film

4. FP-3000B – that speed!

5. PX70 – expensive, but what can you do.

6. Instax Mini – pretty fun film to experiment with even though it’s small.

I really love Japan and was recently there for a couple of weeks. While there I tried to capture a series of images that could immediately be associated with the culture that I saw all around me. Trying to describe or capture the culture of a city through photos is what I love to use photography for most. It’s almost like opening a little window for people to either recall what it was like to be there or experience it for the first time through a still image.

To check out more projects and stuff that I’ve been working on, check out the links below.


Thanks for sharing your bag and your film with us, Uel. Loverly stuff you have there. And that film, wow.
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