In your bag 803, Ronald Lajara
Finally I have managed to get this bag shot up. The server has been down and all sort, but it seems to be going strong again. So whilst it is here is a lovely bag from the Philippines. Check it out.

Hi JCH! I’m Ronald Lajara, 19, from the small city of Muntinlupa, Philippines. I started shooting film, 2 years ago and I’m loving it.

I am still practicing my eye in shooting, especially on the streets, so sometimes I walk alone to hunt and sometimes in a group, the group is called “Medium Rare” and the people there is really awesome and cool photographers. For now, my mission in photography is to practice, shoot and shoot more. And to find the decisive moment.

This is my bag, a godspeed bag and its contents are the following:

Olympus XA2 + A11 flash (my favorite, stealthy, easy to use and awesome)

Nikon F75 + Nikon Nikkor 28-80mm 3.5-5.6G 

– Minolta X-700 + Minolta MD 50mm 1.7 + Sologor 70-210mm 4.5

– Minolta SR-T 101 + Soligor AUTO 28mm 2.8

The films I use:

Kodak Portra 400

– Kodak Pro Image 100

– Fujifilm Neopan 400

with my DIY film case

– 2 small notebooks

– Pilot Gtec pen and Artline marker

small wallet

– Ipod nano

– Nokia phone

– Umbrella

I post my photos in my photoblog:

Well this is my bag JCH, I hope you like it and thanks for sharing!
Cheers from the Philippines! Mabuhay JCH!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Ronald. That is a pretty rad DIY case.
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