In your bag number 128, Chris Gachot
Todays bag comes with almost no information about the owner. I know that he is from the USA, but that is about it. But I love the bag, which is why I featured it.

I have always been an admirer of street photography and the aspect of capturing the often neglected beauty of everyday life. In 2009, I began documenting people, shooting those who grab my attention and my hope is for each photograph to convey a story to those who view it.

In my bag:
ThinkTank Retrospective 5 Camera Bag
UE TripleFi 10 Ear Buds
Battery Charger
iPod Nano
Burt’s Bees
Surefire E1L Flashlight
Gordy’s Strap
Fujifilm X100
SD Cards
iPhone 4S
MSR super absorbant camp towel
Spare Battery
Business Cards
Luigi Strap
Cable Release

Now normally I wouldn’t feature a bag with this little in the way of a description, but I really like the picture so I felt that I would make an exception. Please please make sure you put a decent description about yourself as well as the bag when you send me a bag shot.

Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on Send me a hi resolution image of the bag (please make sure it is horizontal) and its contents, with some details about yourself and what you shoot. Oh and don’t forget your contact details (twitter, flickr, tumbler et al). Send the bag shots here.