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Jesse’s Book Review – Whistle by Haruto Hoshi

Jesse’s Book Review – Whistle by Haruto Hoshi Jesse reflects on street photography extraordinaire Haruto Hoshi’s last book Whistle, a wild ride of captivatingly raw and occasionally uncomfortable images showing life in Japan’s megacities. Don’t nobody go nowhere. Arriving off the heels of Seiji Kurata, enter Haruto Hoshi. His 2007 release, Luminance of Streets was an instant […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica by Ihee Kimura This time around Jesse tackles a book that a few people have mentioned to me lately. A really special book for the Leica buffs out there. Japan Through a Leica is really first and foremost a collector’s book. The first edition was released in […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Katsura by Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Jesse’s Book Review – Katsura by Yasuhiro Ishimoto Jesse has been discovering all sorts of interesting books lately. This time he pours over the work of Yasuhiro Ishimoto. Check it out. Katsura is one of those books that was on my Amazon wish list for ever and over the years has tripled in value and […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Momentary by Nico Perez

Jesse’s book review, Momentary by Nico Perez Jesse Freeman’s world famous book reviews are usually focussed on Japanese photography, but occasionally he strays from the path to review the work of non Japanese photographers and friends too. This is the latter, a great review of beautiful book. I don’t believe happiness can be state, un-happiness can […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Manzanar

Jesse’s book review, Manzanar by Ansel Adams Jesse tackles one of the great legends of photography in this review, by reviewing a book that has a very strong connection for the Japanese. This is a fascinating and raw photographic essay that is often overlooked. “On the day of departure, people found themselves herded into groups […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Tank and Road Surface

Jesse’s book review, Tank and Road Surface by Jun Nishieko Last night I was very fortunate to be reminded what a talented individual Jesse is, as I went to the screening of one of the movies he has made (something I hope Jesse will share with us in the future). And then today I remembered […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Old Town by Takeyoshi Tanuma

Jesse’s book review, Old Town by Takeyoshi Tanuma Jesse is back! After a nice little break, Jesse has been busy pounding the reviews and has sent a series of wonderful pieces which I shall share over the coming weeks. You want to learn more about Japanese photography? Then read a few of these reviews. Continuing in […]