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In your bag No: 357 – Benjamin Aw

3 min read

In your bag 357, Benjamin Aw Now this is a whopper of a bag! The ‘frankenbag’, this one is holding just about the whole world. Well, at least Ben’s world. Come and see.

In your bag 320, Joe Hockley This lovely set up comes as a three way shot. Joe has split the gear up into different layouts. The configurations are the same, but there are basically three different shots. I like this and I have decided to include it. Check out this cracking bag.

In your bag 286, Daniel MacDonald Not only is todays bag awesome, it is going places. Daniel has now embarked on a world trip with his family and this little set up. Should be a great trip. Check it out.

In your bag number 220, Philipp Oldenbüttel From America and back to Europe, todays bag is coming to you from Germany. And what a really lovely bag it is. There is a whole ton of interesting gear in this one. Lets have a peek.

In your bag number 132, Matthew Maber Lordy lord, we have a double whammy for you today. 2 bags for the price of one! That is correct, Matthew is going to show us both of his bags today…

In your bag number 90, Alex Bourassa-Young Another day goes by and another bag comes to us to share. This time the bag is from Canada. The bag itself is one that I actually own as well, so that is always nice to see. Anyway, to the Bag Cave, Alex….

In your bag #78 – Jason Howe

3 min read

In your bag number 78, Jason Howe Hello there my lovely bag fans. We have a cracker of a bag for you today. Come and check out what Mr. Jason Howe keeps in his bag…

In your bag #23 – Asrul Sani

2 min read

In your bag number 22, Asrul from Malaysia Hello people, how are you all doing? I have been swamped lately, so I have shamefully fallen behind with the bag posts, but I am trying my very best to get them back on target. So here is another for you, this time from Malaysia. Over to […]