IN YOUR BAG: 1741 – Eric Jones

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Eric Jones! Eric also writes about photography and hopefully should be having some articles up on JCH soon, so please check for them! In the meantime check his links at the bottom of the article. I will leave it to Eric :

Greetings good people, I’m Eric Charles Jones. Currently I am located outside of the greater Tokyo area.  I shoot both film and digital. Lately, I have been gravitating more to film. A roll of film is a good analogy to life. You can choose to shoot away with no thought and before you know it, it is gone. Or, you can choose to take your time, being aware of your environment, your subject and your camera, allowing yourself to be mindful of the process. 

No way is intrinsically better, just different approaches. I guess I have become more Zen in my photographic journey.

My Bag

The bag being used is nothing special, a generic canvas messenger bag picked up in a military surplus store in Cleveland, Ohio. It has survived repeated abuse during my travels around the globe over the past several years.  

My Cameras

The subject and my mood determine the cameras and lenses used. The CONTAX RX and the CONTAX 2Sb currently reside in the bag. These are paired with the Distagon 28mm 2.8f and the Planar 50mm 1.7f. (I got a thing for Zeiss glass.) However, it’s the camera that I came to Japan with that consistently stays in my bag, the Minolta Autocord. It was my father’s and has accompanied me back to its country of origin after 70 years of exile in America. The plan is to use the Minolta to document Japan and its people

My Film

The films currently used in the Minolta are Kodak Ektar 100 and Lomography Postdam 100 and for the CONTAXs the films are Kodak Portra 400 and Fujifilm Across II 100

*Taken with the Minolta Autocord /film Lomography Postdam 100

My Accessories

My accessories are a KEKS light meter, a blower, a lens cloth thrown in as a free “gift” with some lenses bought ages ago in the Dongdaemun district in Seoul and a close-up lens set for the Minolta Autocord.

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Time, Zen and My Father’s Camera


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