In your bag No: 1392, Alec Tucker
Alec has a film stuffed bag for us today. 4 film cases! That is a lot of shooting. This is what Alec describes as a ‘semi-budget kit’, with some great classic cameras. Check it out.

Hi, my name is Alec Tucker from Auburn, California. I’m currently a student at community college about to transfer to a state university in Los Angeles to study Filmmaking, specifically Cinematography.
I shoot with film ​cameras to practice framing, composition, and lighting to get better at Cinematography, as well as for fun when I have some free time. I’ve been trying out different formats and camera types recently, hence why I have different ones here. I haven’t found what I mainly enjoy photographing yet, but so far nature photography in black and white has been the most fun!
My kit is semi-low budget at the moment, but I plan to purchase a Hasselblad XPan someday to emulate wider aspect ratios, similar to cinema cameras for films nowadays.

Ape Case Envoy Bag

Voigtlander Bessa R2 w/ Jupiter 8 50mm f/2

Couldn’t afford a Leica, this was the closest I could get at the moment. I love it so far!

Yashica Mat 124g

Nikon F3 w/ 50mm f/1.4 (Given to me by my film photography teacher)

Gossen Luna Pro Light Meter

2x 35mm JCH Film Cases (One for Color, One for B&W)

2x 120 JCH Film Cases (One for Color, One for B&W)

Field Notes

Mini Tripod




Thank You!


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Alec. I hope you manage to get your X-pan, it is an amazing camera.
Check out the links and please come and comment.
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