JCH 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway

As part of the JCH 10 year anniversary we decided to have a bit of a celebration and make some space in the office in the process, killing two birds with one stone. And what better way of doing that, than a giveaway? So here is the JCH 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Box of Stuff

We (fairly) recently moved to a new office space. Whilst we were moving we discovered that we have amassed a huge amount of film photography related stuff over the years, and now it is time to give some of that stuff away. Why? Will it is 10 years of JCH in case you missed it and we fancy clearing out some of the huge box of stuff we have.

Yes, we have a big bumper box of shi…lovely items that we need to get shot of. There is all sorts in the box too. From pin badges and stickers, to tote bags, T-shirts, straps, Solarcans, Dubble Show cameras and just about everything in between. There is even a JCH ONA bag in there somewhere. So how can you get your mitts on some of this lovely stuff?

Get some!

Well, it is quite simple. We will give something away with every order through the shop. Thats right, it doesn’t matter if you buy 1 film case or 5 lenses, you will get something extra until we run out of stuff to giveaway. The size of the gift is not relative to the size of the order. It is completely at random, whatever we grab from the box goes with your order. The luck of the draw.

You can check out the shop by clicking here JCH Shop

We will also give away something if you buy a camera so make sure you check out the cameras for sale

Thanks for the support over the years and here is to the next 10 years!