In Your Bag: 1716 – Wally Cassidy

My name is Wally Cassidy living in Limerick Ireland but originally from Dublin. Back in 1989, in my punk rock days, I was sitting in the park with my then girlfriend drinking cider with a gang of other Dublin punks when a documentary photographer, Podge O’Farrell asked if he could take my photo. I agreed no problem and thought nothing of it till a few weeks later he came back to the park with 10 x 8 black and white prints. He told me that he developed and printed them himself in his council flat, that’s when the spark happened. 

Within six months I had my first camera, a battered old Zenit with no light meter, Podge also gave me his old darkroom equipment, no stopping me now. At that time Podge was documenting the skinhead scene so I started photographing the local punks and gigs. Nearly every weekend during 1989 to 1993 I was shooting events such as protests, horse fairs or gigs and all that time I only ever used one camera and one lens, mainly 28mm, occasionally a 35mm but never higher. Nothing wrong with my legs so why waste money on a zoom? 

I put down the camera for over 25 years to work on building sites, the only things I photographed were the fish I caught on the lake at the weekends. Then along comes social media, met a few friends from the good old days of punk rock and shared some of my images from the 90’s, next thing I know I have a book!

So I picked up the camera again and for the last ten years I have been documenting Limerick City with a well used M6. 

My bag: from a charity shop, cheap but strong cloth material, so i don’t look like a photographer. 

Camera: Leica M6, never serviced, faulty light meter, never lets me down. 

Film: usually HP5 or Tri-X when I can afford it. 

Hat: to keep the sun off the bald head and a peak to see who is coming towards you, always important. woolly hat in the winter.  

Banana: keep energy levels up. 


Wally Cassidy

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