In your bag No: 1673 – Robert Timothy

Robert reveals the tools of the trade that chaperone him in this thoughtfully practical pro pack.

Here’s what’s in my camera bag that usually accompanies me while shooting for pleasure or on a small portraiture job in London with ample natural light.

Hence three rolls of Portra 160 and just one of Portra 800.

Yes, it’s the contents of photographer’s bag not someone into arts and crafts. At first glance you may think otherwise…

OK, so the elastic bands are because I’m paranoid about exposed 120 film unwinding. Yes, I’ve tried Sellotape but don’t get me started on trying to find the end of the tape mid-shoot.

Sharpies are to mark film push or pull and also ID rolls with an X that I feel may have the best shot on. When you’re shooting 15 rolls for one portrait, you need to be marking them. Rolls that I’m sure are dud (invariably the first roll or two) usually just get processed and not scanned. And marked D.

Plus ample batteries. 67s operate best at full juice and so I change batteries more than I probably should because diminishing battery equals lazy shutter curtain and nobody wants that.

The rest is fairly obvious. Except don’t call me weird because there’s a 67 and no tripod.

I’ve found the camera still shoots sharp as a pin at 1/60 if you balance on the back of a chair, or a table or even clothes horse. Hold the body tight, breathe out deeply and bang. There’s no shake.

Oh, and the F4 is because it’s the most beautiful piece of machinery ever made and I just like having it in my bag because I caress and marvel at it endlessly.

Plus it’s nice, during a shoot, to slip in a 35mm roll and say “listen to this camera work, it’s straight from the 80s and sounds like the start of that Duran Duran song ‘Girls on Film'”.

And then we shoot a roll and the beautiful sound of the motor drive on fast continuous is so evocative that the sitter usually laughs which is great because it’s distracted them from the fact that we have over-run massively on time or that I’ve turned their house or office into a car crash of furniture to find the right spot to shoot them and am using their bookshelf as a tripod.

Happy days.

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Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Robert. Agreed on hand holding the P67 down to 1/60th. Can can also relate to the furniture rearrangement, haha well put!

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