In your bag 881, Kasey Douglas
Kasey has been on the site before, sharing his immense film stash, and now he is back with his bag. Probably one of the most scholarly bags that has been on the site. Check it out.

I sent in my film stash before (click here) and I figured it is about time I send in my bag.
Currently, my school bag is also my camera bag. My camera selection reflects this. On my way to school, and while at school, I don’t have much time for any slow, serious shooting, so I stick to fun, quick cameras. Also, these cameras are light enough that I can bring many, which are inexpensive enough that I don’t mind if they get a little beat up by my textbooks while I run for my bus.

My standard backpack bag includes the following:

Polaroid SLR 680 – Although the flash and AF both don’t work, I use this for unpredictable “instant” portraits of friends at school.

Instax Mini 7s – For when I want consistent results and want to give a photo away.

FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120 Debonair with flash – Used for colour portraits when I don’t want a normal looking picture.

Holga 120 GFN – For BW landscapes mainly.

Olympus Stylus Epic – I lent my XA2 to a friend so I’ve been using this for my quick, quality shooting.

Apple iPhone 3GS – Used when want to be discreet.

Not pictured is my Canon s90 – For unimportant shots or when I’m inpatient.

Also, included is my wonderful TI-83 Plus graphing calculator used for solving the problems in my sometimes dense microeconomics textbook.

I just finished my third year of economics, so I’ll soon be switching to my summer bag with my higher end gear. I’ll send that in eventually and hopefully, I’ll be done my website by then, so I can include that as well.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Kasey. That is a serious calculator.
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