In your bag No: 1521 – Gregory Dargent
Gregory shares with us what he’ll be hauling for adventures in the Sahara.I’m Gregory Dargent, a french musician and photographer. Just before leaving and go to my plane here is my bag for my work: H – The last blast of the bombs in Sahara, a photographic and musical work about the french nuclear essays in the Algerian Sahara in the 60s. 

So what will I bring with me:

-My Leica M6 non-ttl of course, my main camera, simple, wonderful, solid.

-35mm summicron & 28mm elmarit v3. Ok I know a lot of people prefer to have 28+50mm or something more different but I love the differences of those 2 beautiful lenses, about the contrasts, the greys, and really, 35 and 28 aren’t the same thing…

-Ricoh GR1S. I like it, always with me, in my pocket. I’m always surprised by some shots made with this amazing camera. No more LCD, sometimes I don’t have any informations in the viewfinder, but what a lense…

-Horizon 202. This cheap panoramic 35mm camera is wonderfull, I take it with me but I’m not sure to use it for this project :)

-Leica SF20 flash. Nuclear explosion = flash… ^^didn’t take it with me last time, I have to try somethings.

-Fuji Instax: I love to give images directly to people I meet. And the new monochromes instax images are great.

-50 TriX 400. Ok, I prefere to carry to many than to search for a trix to buy in Sahara….I’ll shot them from 400 to 3200.


-moleskin note book, full of contacts and writings from my first travel in Reggane (place were some essais were made)


-3 washi W on japanese washi paper. I have to give a try, perhaps in my Horizon 202.


-Batteries !!! Ok, the temperature there will be between 38 and 50°C, so batteries will not long to much.

-Stephen Hawking’s book about the universe, cosmology, black holes… best place to read it is in a dirty bus in the desert.

Here is a link to a video of images and music I play of the first trip:

and the page about this project:

and my flickr account:

Bye !!!

Thanks for dropping in, Gregory. Interesting project combining your two passions. Best of luck!

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