In your bag 386, Christopher Robinson
Today we have a student bag for you. And this is an excellent example of a shoestring budget bag. Christopher has even been kind enough to put prices on everything. Come and have a look.

‘College Bag on a Shoestring Budget’

Hello JCH!

My name is Christopher Robinson and I’m a student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles studying political science. This summer I was awarded a fellowship to work in Japan and was hired as an intern at the Japan Times. A few months before I left for Tokyo I bought a camera and started to teach myself photography. I came across Dave Powell’s ‘ShootTokyo’ blog about a month before I left which also led me to JCH. Both websites have been big influences for me. While living in Tokyo my work hours were from 11am – 7pm so I had lots of time to go for walks and shoot in the morning and then after work at night. Going for walks is my favorite way to take photos. My apartment was in Akasaka which put me within walking distance or a short train ride to loads of great photo opportunities. While working at the Japan Times I was fortunate enough to be able to interview artist-photographer Osamu Wataya which was an awesome experience!

As a college student I have a very limited budget so all of my camera equipment I have purchased used, with the exception of my Artisan and Artist strap. Photography is my favorite hobby and surprisingly accessible, even to someone on a budget like me. I have included the prices for everything in my bag to show just how much so.

1. Ryko shoulder bag – $5

2. Nikon N80 film camera – $35; I use this when I’m going somewhere specifically to take pictures. I try to really think and compose my shots before I press the shutter because film developing can get expensive.

3. Nikon D40 digital camera – $190; This is my primary camera that I use almost every day. I love the compact size because it makes it easier to bring along. The best camera is the one you have with you!

4. Kodak T-Max 400 film – $4

5. Artisan and Artist red shoulder strap (okay not used and frightfully overpriced but so worth it; from Map Camera Shinjuku) – $60

7. Quantaray 18-90mm lens – FREE! (donation from mom)

9. Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.4 lens – $200

10. Notebook and pen – $2

I post my photos to my blog and I also use Instagram as chriscolerob

Thanks for sharing your story and your bag with us Christopher. Great to hear about your Japan experience too.
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