In your bag No: 1578 – K.S Kuperis

After a couple decades away from film, Kelly dives back in rocking some sweet rarefied film and glass. 

Well hello there Japan Camera Hunter 😊 Thank you for having such an excellent website and being a great resource for film photography – I enjoy reading the many articles that are on your website.

About me:

I’m an indie filmmaker/photographer from Vancouver, Canada and I wanted to submit what I used in my bag on a recent ’45 Days Across America’ road trip. I didn’t really have a concrete plan other than I’d always wanted to see New Orleans and possibly head to the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida as I’m huge fan of his work. Being able to see his actual paintings with my own eyes instead of on a poster or a book was revelatory to say the least.

I wasn’t planning on being away for so long either. I thought if I don’t go all the way to see Dali I’d be gone maybe 14-20 days at the most, but it turned into 45-ish days of driving. I went by myself as well which let me stop literally whenever and where ever I wanted and just sort of fly…errmm…drive by the seat of my pants. No set dates, no pressure, just fun. I brought almost all the gear I own and literally had 2-3 different cameras, all manually controlled, in my hands and on my face for the whole trip – camera nerd heaven!!

I started shooting film again in 2016 for the first time in almost 20yrs and I’m completely in love with it again and wonder why I stopped. I guess maybe like everyone else I was absorbed by the ease and speed of digital and now that I’m an old geezer I’m able to better handle the complexities of shooting/processing film…haha. I went on a manual camera and film buying spree before my trip, testing out the different emulsions to see how they handle over/under exposure, processing and scanning all my film at home, E-6 and C-41 included! I managed to get a hold of some Kodak Vision 250D (shot at 160-125) and love it so incredibly much. At times depending on the camera/lens combo I have rocking it reminds me of Kodachrome.

I managed to get my hands on a stunning Agfa Ambi Silette along with 3 lenses, testing it up the wahzoo before leaving and its definitely my favourite camera to use, almost more than my Dƒ. And the Dƒ is the literally the camera I’ve searched for my entire life. I never understood everybody’s backlash against it and I literally don’t think I’ll need to buy another digital camera for the next 10 years or more it fits in my process so perfectly.

In Your Bag details:

  • Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW
  • Nikon Dƒ
  • Nikon F-801s
  • Zeiss Ikon Contessa LKE
  • Yashica Lynx 5000
  • Agfa Ambi Silette+35-50-90mm lenses all of which will fit into a single pocket so you can always have them with you! **Just don’t mind about the droopy pants you’ll have as they’re all metal**
  • Zeiss ZF 35mm-50mm
  • Nikon 180mm
  • Takumar 20mm-28mm-85mm-105mm
  • Sekonic L-408
  • Kodak Ektachrome 100+
  • Kodak Direct Positive 5246 (iso 50)
  • Kodak Vision 250D
  • Kodak Hawkeye Surveillance film

not pictured: tons of other film (HP5+, Tudor 200, Superia Xtra 400, Fujichrome 100 disaster) my Benro S6 tripod, Deuter backpack

Ok that’s a crazy amount of information. Please let me know if you want it edited shorter etc. etc.

 – I’ve attached photos taken with the Agfa+expired Ektachrome and Zeiss Contessa+Kodak Vision 250D

 – I’m still processing the film and Dƒ files but you can view my road trip album on the link above or on my main page here on Flickr

 – you can see my video/film work here on Vimeo

 – I wrote and directed a lo-fi/sci-fi short film and released it online in October 2017, you can see the trailer here: Axiomatic

Thanks so much,


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I use and hope you will carry on and see what I create. Peace

Thanks for sending us your sweet collection and shots Kelly. Really digging those colors you’re getting from the Kodak Vision.

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