In your bag 1103, Jungwoo Park
Today we have another returnee bag. Jungwoo has a pretty impressive bag, and he has been nice enough to label it all for our convenience. Check it out.

These days, I am experimenting more with still photography than digital cinematography, which is what used to explore. My previous bag was In Your Bag 910. But there was a small typo with spelling of my name; my name is Jungwoo Park and not Jingwoo Park. Oh well.
I’ve finally converted to a smartphone with a front and rear cameras from a flip phone without such function. I was able to find a brand new Russian lens camera from I wasn’t certain at first if I should endorse Makina medium format rangefinder camera or Mamiya medium format SLR camera. In the end, I went ahead with Single Lens Reflex option.
I do like combining two color filters together, sepia and greenish filter, while I am shooting to create a LOMO effect. I now use a star constellation map on nights when the sky is clear since spotting the Andromeda Galaxy is possible with binoculars alone without relying on a proper 250 dollar telescope (or pricier ones, for that matter.)

Here is my online profile and the list of items inside the photograph:

1 Lenovo Thinkpad with the same configuration used at the International Space Station

2 Korg keyboard

3 Parker Jotter pen

4 clipboard

5 former-Soviet Zenit SLR camera model 122 with a Zenitar lens

6 Post-it note

7 35mm film canister

8 Kenko filter

9 a set of color filters

10 Kodak 120 Portra 400 film

11 Holga pouch

12 hot shoe flash

13 Bandaid

14 binoculars

15 contact lens container

16 Dell tablet

17 Blackberry Bold

18 tablet case

19 Mamiya 645 Pro medium format camera with a bellows lens hood

20 Abercrombie & Fitch cologne

21 two Duracell AA batteries

22 magnifying glass

23 foldable tool

24 black-colored electrical tape

25 padlock

26 checkbook

27 Freitag coin wallet

28 journal

29 twelve-month star constellation map

30 toque

Thanks for sharing your gear with us again, Jungwoo. I am sorry for the mis-spelling of your name last time. Great bag.
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