In your bag No: 1440, P-O Stoltz
A lovely bag today with a spot of yellow and blue, which is very apt as the bag is from Sweden. P-O Stoltz has some lovely classic compact cameras in his bag for us. Check it out.

I’m P-O Stoltz, Swedish photographer, and this bag is put together for my next project. The project is about the place where I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and consequently I’ve chosen to shoot it on film and with old compact cameras from about the time. Just to get a timelink between the pictures of Rydebäck today, that’s the name of the suburb, and my years growing up there.

So I’ve come up with a combination of cameras that should let me handle most situations.

1. Olympus 35 RC for flashphotography. Love that GN controlled flashsystem that some of these compact cameras had.

2. Konica auto S3 for lowlight and my favourite camera in the bunch. Has turned out being my workhorse here.

3. Ricoh 500G for manual exposure photography. One of few cameras in this category that gives you the measured exposure in the viewfinder while shooting on manual.

4. Minolta Weathermatic for beach shooting and a rainy day.

5. Olympus XA2 because…..I like it. Haven’t really figured our why I want it on the project but I’m shure it’ll come handy. It usually does.

6. An old and trusty Sunpak 240 flash.

And all of this goes down into one of my favourite bags, an Troop London messenger bag with an Hadley insert from an old and discontinued Billingham Hadley bag.

That’s all folks!

Per-Olof Stoltz. 




Thanks for sharing your bag with us, P-O. Lovely stuff. That Minolta is a stunner.

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