In your bag No: 652, Zeno Felkl
Not only is todays bag simple, but the owner has a very simple project that he uses this kit for. Come and have a look inside the bag of a one camera project.

I´m Zeno Felkl, a 49 year old amateur photographer from Germany.
I started shooting in 1979 and I´m a user/collector with way toomany cameras.
Look here: to see what I mean.

My bag is a messenger bag which is big enough to carry my Macbook, the lunch and all I need for work and my cameras.

My recent user cameras are small (I really like small and light cameras!), the Rollei 35, Singapore model with the Tessar 3,5/40mm, the Yashica T5 with a Tessar 3,5/35mm and the Ricoh GRD III with it´s 28mm lens.

The picture was taken with the Lumix G1, that is used with adapted manual lenses (I don´t own AF lenses for the Lumix)

I load the Rollei and the Yashica with Polypan F, a 50 ASA cine copy film that is sold in 90m and 152m rolls. I develop in APH09, 1+100, one hour stand.

In 2010 I started a one camera/one film/one year project called Rollei 35 and Polypan F: that has turned in an open end project after the first year.

What else I shoot can be seen in one place on flickr:

Thank you for your interest

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Zeno. I love the simplicity and the sound of the Polypan film. I certainly want to get some of that.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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