In your bag No: 636, Tomas Juvaras
Tomas is a returnee to In Your Bag having been featured just over 300 bags ago. There has been a bit of a change since his last bag too. Come and check it out.

Hello Bellamy!! and of course JCH readers!

Name’s Tom ,I come from Larissa,Greece and that’s my bag for (hoping) next 2-3 months. i’ll try to shoot at 40mm so i bring with me the extraordinary sharp rokkor qf 40mm 1,7 and the minolta hi matic E that it’s attached on it!!
next to her is the minolta auto 118x flash borrowed from my xd7. it works great, day-night helping my low iso (50, i shoot it @ 25) Polypan F film,in the cannisters! i have 90meters of it! wallet (usually empty) and iphone 8…. (hihihihihihihihi) are inhabitants of this h&m 25 euros bag! things changed a lot since last time i send you my bag!
I try to run a blog : and made a turn to photography,hoping to be a “pro” with a different view from the established pros around my city!that orange little thing is my card holder! last but not least…. i’m a smoker,so there’s my pipe bag with smoke and 2 pipes ready to ..go!

i’f you are kind enough, feel free to comment my work :

Thanks for sharing your lovely bag with us Tomas. I love that you have a pipe, so very sophisticated.
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