In your bag No: 1259, Harry Teasley
Harry is another returnee. And with a fantastic bag to share with us. This one has changed quite a bit since his last submission. Come and check out how.

It has been a while since I first submitted a bag, and thought I’d send in an update.

I’m a video and computer game Art Director by trade, and most of my personal art in recent years has been photography. It’s a passion: unless it’s completely inappropriate, like I’m in a wedding party or something, I am not without a dedicated camera at all times. And for those occasions, I could probably get an RX100, now that I think of it…

In any case, my gear has changed a fair amount, significantly due to incredible used gear deals to be had at Newtonville Camera outside Boston… it’s a dangerous place to walk into, for me. So here’s what I’m carrying around everywhere with me; if I don’t have the full bag on my person, it’s in my nearby car, and I’m carrying one of the cameras with me.

The main gear:

Contax G1 with 45mm F2: I have prowled around for years trying to stumble across a good deal on a Contax setup like this. Then Newtonville got a kit in, so for a small bit more than the price of this lens on ebay, I got the G1, this lens, the F2.8 90mm, and a flash. I’m not even certain the 90mm ever got used… anyway, I’m really happy with it. It’s fun to shoot.

Leica M-P with 50mm Summicron v5: I had sensor corrosion on my beloved M9, so I arranged to send it in. Apparently, everyone else did, too, so after waiting for almost three months while the new sensors were still backordered, I broke down and went for the upgrade. I’m shockingly glad I did: the shooting experience is surprisingly better than with the M9, and what seemed much thicker the first few times I held one no longer seems so. A new ThumbsUp, soft release, and a Kentique camera strap (great strap, and amazing sales and service from Kentaro Yamada).

Voigtlander Bessa-R with 15mm F4.5 Super Wide Heliar and viewfinder: Another great deal at Newtonville: I went in for one thing, and saw this on the shelf, but it was sporting a 35mm F1.7 Ultron which is what really caught my eye. The camera and lens together were about what the lens alone goes for on ebay, so it seemed like another deal too good to pass up. Since I already had the 15mm and a viewfinder for it, I put that on and treat this as a fixed lens camera. So light, it’s hard not to have it in the bag.

The other stuff:

Qi-Infinity Powergrid 34,200mAh battery. Because being able to recharge your phone only once isn’t all that reassuring. It’s a little heavy, but it’s worth having.

Nintendo New 3DS. Because I’m a man-child.

Sketchbook. For my birthday, my wife made me a sketchbook out of an old copy of Moby Dick. It’s awesome. Graphite and blue pencils, a pen, and a pen-shaped eyeglass multi-screwdriver.

Nexus 9 tablet with keyboard case. Because I can either carry a laptop around, or I can carry cameras, but I can’t carry both. The cameras win.

Some hand cream, and a sort of a first aid bag with things like Band-Aids, ibuprofen, Sudafed,… stuff that it sucks to be without when you need it.

Fenix PD35 Flashlight. 960 lumens max, it’s crazy bright in case you need some impromptu lighting help, or, you know, can’t see in the dark.

Wall/Car USB charger. Two micro USB cables and one 3DS cable are in the bag.

Bluetooth headphones, because headphone cables get in the way of neck straps.

Sunglasses, because sun.

JCH film case, because two film cameras.

Keybiner keyring. A kickstarter product, it’s a great multitool/carabiner/keyring combo that doesn’t jingle and isn’t bulky.

Business cards from With different images on the backs, great card stock, it’s a great deal.

The bag: Mission Workshop messenger bag, with a couple awesome patches I found, thanks to JCH. Camera bag insert came out of a Tenba messenger camera bag: it was a nice bag, but I like the strap on this one better.

Check out my photos at

Thanks for coming back to share your bag with us, Harry. Love the book and the stickers.
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