In your bag No: 637, Tony Shelley
Today we have a bag from the UK, which is nice. It has been a while. Tony shares with us his personal bag and his reasons for shooting film. Come and check it out.

From Tony Shelley,age 59 Leicester UK.

In my professional life, it’s all digital. But for my own ‘self-financed’ projects, or just general everyday or street photography, it’s all film. The stock I use is mostly Kodak CN400, which is easy to process at any local photo-store. Same with C41 colour negative, and that is by n’ large Agfa film stock. For the 6 x 6 format cameras, I use either Ilford 3200 asa or Kodak Tmax 400, developed in either Ilford ID11 or a Caffenol formula.

The three main cameras for everyday use are a Canon EOS 5,complete with a 50mm and 75 – 300mm lenses a Rollicord and an Agfa Nettar folding camera, which is great for candid shots. I need a backpack thes days, as my shoulders and back are not what they used to be. Decades of carrying heavy gear in a shoulder bag have taken their toll. Sometimes, I leave home with just one camera, and that’s usually the Agfa and three rolls of film. For metering I use a Sekonic light meter (not shown), but usually I just guess. There is also a Holga ‘Pinhole’ lens, table tripod and a cable release.

I have other equipment in my photographic arsenal including a Bronica, and a Pentax K1000, but these are only used on big, long term projects. My home darkroom is as busy as ever, and as the Autumn and Winter nights draw in, the space will become more and more productive. Film is precious, film is beautiful and in my opinion, will never be replaced

Some of my images can be found on

Many thanks for sharing your bag and your passion for film. I hope those winter nights in the darkroom are productive.
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