In your bag No: 1186, Alex
Recently it seems we have had a whole bunch of really cool user bags. So as not to break that streak Alex shares with us his Nikon-centric bag. The ‘Nikon Manual Focus Setup’. Check it out.

Hi! My name is Alex, I’m a mechanical engineer based in Dallas, TX. I spend a lot of my free time shooting and developing. It’s basically a hobby on steroids. A few of us Dallas photographers get together annually and hold a small show to share our year’s worth of work. I shoot for pleasure and that makes it a very congenial experience.

This is one of my two setups. I refer to this one as the ‘Nikon manual focus setup’ as both cameras work brilliantly with my manual focus Nikkors. I will occasionally carry both cameras, but truth be told I prefer to pick one camera (and some essentials) and leave the rest at my home/hotel room.

The Bag: Timbuk2 Messenger w/ Snoop Insert
The Cameras: Nikon F4 (MB20 Grip), Nikon FE2 (Match Technical Soft Release)
The Lenses: Nikkor 28/2 AIS, Nikkor 50/1.4 AIS, Nikkor 105/2.5 AIS
The Light: Nikon SB800
The Extra Power: Duracell AA (F4), Eneloop AA (SB800), Varta V357 Cells (FE2)
The Eyes: Sunglasses, Spare set of contacts

Not pictured but always packed: My current reading material, Film (Acros, Delta 100/400/3200, Portra 160/400, Ektar 100), Lens Filters (ND, Polarizing, B/W Color), Blackrapid Curve Strap

The Timbuk2 is kinda flashy, but I love the colors, it’s comfortable, and it hauls a lot of gear.

The FE2 is light and unobtrusive. People constantly approach me about it and tell me it’s beautiful. I have a hard time arguing that fact. This camera has started so many interesting conversations (even with women!), that I truly have a soft spot for it.

The F4 is a brutal tool. Some may even classify it as a weapon. This camera combines all of the wonderful conveniences of modern film photography with the simple and beautiful basics of 70s/80s SLRs. My favorite thing about this camera is that the shutter speed dial is on top! Oh, and it has amazing matrix metering that gives me great results with slide film.

The 28/2 is my most used lens. Landscape, street, architecture…. it’s almost always the right focal length. The 50/1.4 is my low-light lens. The 50 + Delta 3200 = i don’t stop shooting after sunset. The 105/2.5 is the portrait lens. It’s the rather rare red coated version. Hey, if it was good enough to take Afghan Girl, it’s good enough for me.

I recently started shooting street. My street setup (not pictured) is comprised of a Nikon F100 (with 85/1.8) and a Leica M4 (with 35/1.4). I’ll share that soon.

Quick thanks to Bellamy for running this great website and a big thanks to everyone here for keeping film photography alive.

Some of my work can be found on my personal website:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Alex. And you are right, thanks to everyone for keeping film photography going. Not only going but growing.
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