In your bag 1069, Rui Esteves
This site must be popular in Portugal, as we have another bag from Lisbon today. Well, I say bag…

My name is Rui Esteves and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve come into photography a couple of years ago and in the Summer of 2013 I begun exploring analogue photography. My first camera was an Olympus OM-1 SLR and I never looked back. I still shoot digital, but there’s something about an old mechanical camera and the magic of film that keeps me shooting film more often than not.

Recently I’ve dwell into Medium Format with a TLR MPP Microcord. I got the Microcord because it was cheap and I wasn’t sure using a TLR was the right choice for me. I ended up loving the experience and upgraded to a Rolleiflex Automat 111a.

Initially I used Kodak Portra 400 as my 120 film of choice. But I like processing the film at home so switched to Kodak Tri-x 400 (you can process c41 but its a hassle, b&w on the other hand is very easy). Thus far I’m happy with the change.

None of my TLR have metering so I got a Sekonic L-208 light meter to help me with those difficult light situations. Its very basic but for the price is a great meter. My poorly exposed frames are down to a minimum. Its very worth the money.

Usually I also take my hat and a notebook, you never know when it comes in handy.

Last but not least, a Japan Camera Hunter 120 red film case, that are just awesome little things that help keeping everything organized.

There’s no bag in the picture because it changes frequently. If its a workday its one, if I have to wear a suit its another and sometimes I don’t even take a bag.

If you want to check out my pictures you can give a looksee at my flick account or my blog.

Next time I’ll do my 35mm version.

Thanks to Bellamy for publishing whats in my bag.
Kind Regards,
Rui Esteves

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Rui. Though next time it would be nice to see at least one of your bags.
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