In your bag 936, Julian Broom
Only 15 years old and shooting film. Julian shares with us his school/camera bag. check it out.

Hello everyone,

My name is Julian, I live in Los Angeles and I’m 15 years old. Going to school makes it hard to find time for photography, but I still do. My bag is very multi purpose because most of the week it’s my school bag and on the weekends or after school I fill it with camera gear.
I really got into photography about two years ago when my parents gave me a Canon T3 for junior high graduation. It was a great camera but, earlier this year I started noticing that the its quality wasn’t so great and I decided to try out film. I picked up this AE-1 at a yard sale for ten dollars, the lady thought it was broken. Ever since then I’ve been mostly shooting film, although I do sometimes pull out my Canon T3. I only have a 50mm lens for the AE-1, which is a great all around but I’d like to get a wide angle lens eventually.

Canon AE-1 with 50mm f/1.8
Bellamy’s film case
Lens cleaner
Vivitar flash
Lens hood
Herschel Backpack

I don’t have much preference when it comes to film. Most of the time I end up shooting X-TRA for color and HP5 for black and white because they’re cheap. Although recently I just stocked up for a trip to Scotland and decided to sample so I got a variety. I bought some Portia for the first time, I’m looking forward to shooting that. Quite exciting. I haven’t gotten around to scanning any of my film pictures, so everything I have on Tumblr is from my digital camera.

Thanks for checking out my bag!

My Tumblr page:
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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Julian. Fantastic to see someone so young shooting film.
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