In your bag No: 590, Ashley Prigmore
Ashley has been on the site before. And now he is back, with a much more focussed and simple bag. Come and check out how Ashley’s bag has changed since the last one.

I previously featured in bag number 405 on your website ( however, since then I’ve reformed my camera gear and I guess improved what I use to benefit my specific needs rather than having a bunch of random cameras.

I’ve been shooting film for over a year now, and I can’t get enough of it. Since my last ‘in your bag’ my direction of photography has certainly narrowed to a more specific choice of subjects which mainly centres around street, people and the environment around me. I’m still shooting action sports on digital, however this post is about my film camera collection, so I’ll stick to that for now.

I’ve finished my first medium – long term project which is a street based project in Manchester, UK (where I studied at university). This project was mostly shot on my Ricoh GR1 and I think has helped me really get a sense of direction for my photography, I’d encourage anyone to try shooting a project to help them improve (thanks to Eric Kim for the inspiration), and I’m currently embarking on another project which centres around the streets and people of Barcelona.

Anyway, on to my current fleet of cameras.

– Canon EOS 1V: this is my only film SLR now, and I primarily use it with a 50mm lens for portraits etc. It’s a great camera with amazing build quality and features that have only recently been improved upon with the recent 5d III and 1DX! it’s a great showcase of early 2000’s technology.

– Ricoh R1: this is a great little camera, around the same size as my iphone 4, just a little thicker! I keep it in my pocket if I’m going out with friends or whatever, it’s a great little camera with a 30mm and 24mm lens (you select between the two) and is great for snapshots. Unlike the GR1 series it has very little control over what you shoot, but that doesn’t matter to me, so long as I can capture the fun moments, it’s doing its job. They’re also pretty cheap on eBay so keep an eye out if you want a pocketable point and shoot!

– Ricoh GR1v: I’ve now got two of these excelent point and shoot cameras! the 28mm focal length is perfect for me and I love these little cameras to bits. I regularly just shoot in either P mode, or at f8 / f11 and let the camera select the shutter speed. As with the ricoh R1, it fits easily into my pocket which makes it great for day to day street photography. I urge you to pick one up and have a play with one if you get the chance!

– iPhone: I actually have been using this and the PhotoShop express app to shoot some street photography with. unfortunatly, I’m not currently showing any of the shots as they’re part of a long term iPhone project which I’m working on, and feel as if I’m about half way through in terms of usable shots. I’m excited to show everyone the work as I feel it’s some of my best! However, for now I’m remaning patient and trying to complete without settling for any sub-par shots.

– KRK KNS 8400 headphones: this one’s simple; everyone loves listening to music, right?

– colour film selection: Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400 are my two essential colour films. I wasn’t really that into colour film until trying portra recently in Barcelona. I love it to bits now! both of these films have their differences, and their own benefits which I love.

– B&W film selection: I managed to pick up a large amount of fujifilm Neopan 400 for a very good price (it’s usually pretty expensive in the UK compared to Kodak or Ilford) and so I’m working through that. I do have a soft spot for Kodak tri-X though, and although I used a lot of TMAX 400 for my Manchester project, I feel as if I’ll be going back to tri-x once my current neopan stock has ran out.

Thanks for taking a look at my bag and what I use on a daily basis for shooting! please check out my tumblr / flickr / twitter with links below.


Thanks for coming back and sharing your bag again Ashley. It is cool to see how things have changed since you have been on the site.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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