In your bag No: 1551 – Rene Bardeaux

Rene stays low-key, silent and nourished by hauling this kit everyday.

I have three rotating bags the two larger are for carrying my medium format or 4×5. This is my daily driver.

The bag is an Ebay’d small courier I think it may have been an early Figital Revolution bag. It is CourierWare of Vermont USA stitched but CourierWare doesn’t sell this model through their web site. The main flap has no velcro or buckles so its quiet in use, no velcro riiiip while grabbing gear.

Fuji X-pro 1- (digital I know) but the user interface is similar to film so switching from one to the other is not so weird and it makes long exposure photography much less stressful (reciprocity sucks).

Leica M5-(the ugly one) With a little black tape over the logo very few realize its a Leica and I feel like less of a d-bag when I pull it out. The lens is a Voigtlander color-skopar 35-2.5. 

TX 400-stable and easy to process, plus easy to find in 120 for my medium format cameras and backs. 

Ape case-pocket folder holds extra batteries, cable release, filters and an arca swiss mounting plate.

Moleskin soft notebooks-square ruled for sketching and taking notes, not so precious that I can’t tear out a page or two.

Black marker-I think this one is a Staedtler/Mars and its archival in case I need to refer to my grocery list in 15 years.

Jays earbuds-sound fine but dont stay put.I keep them so Im never without a pair.

Quasar bar-Whipped chocolate Nougat Caramel enrobed in Dark chocolate…Delicious but not a great equatorial treat (it gets all melty).           

The above plus a celly, wallet and eyewear fit easily in this bag but not much more.

Its a great time for film cameras and IPAs. Prices are still reasonable so you can try all most anything and pass it along if it doesn’t work for you, IPAs don’t get passed along.

The M5 is my favorite but the 20 US dollar Nikkormat that I put new light-seals in is a joy to use as well and its film advance is more satisfying.

Thanks for sharing your bag shot Rene. I’ll have to try the film advance on a Nikkormat again.

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