In your bag No: 591, Zach McCaffree
Zach has a cool bag for us. It has a whole bunch of very very cool cameras. Seriously, check out that black G2, that is totally badass. Come and see how Zach uses this great setup.

My name is Zach McCaffree. I am an amateur photographer / bartender currently living in Los Angeles. I am from the Pacific Northwest but moved to LA a year ago from Honolulu where I lived for a while. I am a strictly film photographer who shoots mostly portraiture and landscape and little bit of everything else. I do hit the streets quite often but my “street” photos end up usually being more about landscape than people. When I am asked to describe my style I usually just say “girls and landscape” to avoid the question. I think style is more about an impression that the viewer gets when they see someone else’s works.

I am a very avid shooter and am one those (or us) nerds who has a camera tagging along with me most everywhere I go – I love to find unexpected gems. I am a firm believer in the “best camera is the one that you have with you” philosophy. I almost never have been disappointed in my photos as a result of the gear that was using. Give me any cheap SLR with a fast lens and I will be happy as a clam. ..Unfortunately I am a lover of fine things and with as much time as I spend shooting I haven’t been able to keep from lusting after better tools. Such and such dollars later, I pretty much own all of my dream gear including a few not pictured. I am shooter first but a camera nerd a close $econd unfortunately.

Most of the time I work with friends / models, ideally outdoors somewhere fun. I made my submission of what is usually in my bag for a photoshoot. If I am out on the streets I never bring a bag, just a single camera and film in my pockets. Here’s what’s in my Domke:

Contax G2 with 45mm Plannar plus flash

Leica MP 0.85 with 50mm Summicron

Contax T2 (or Yashica T4)

Polaroid Land Camera (for instant gratification)

Knife (for any possible situation)

Cleaning kit (somehow end up needed this every shoot)

Baseball Cap (I’m not really a big Raider’s fan, it’s just a hat)

Flashlight (I love to shoot until the sun goes down)

Cigarettes (great prop, don’t smoke)

As for film I always pack way too much and of a huge variety. I like to switch up looks. Usually Porta 400, 800, Fuji Superia 1600, Fuji Reala 100, Tri-X, and Ilford 3200.

And always extra batteries!

Not pictured, I often bring my Hasselblad in place of one of the 35mm but not lately. I’m sick of square format.

Here is my website

My photo blog I update the most


Thank you for checking out my shit! Best wishes.

Thanks for sharing your gear with us Zach. I love the G2 in black, so stealthy, so cool.
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