JCH Consignment Sales

Have you got a camera or lenses that you want to sell? Then let JCH sell them for you and make the experience easy and headache free.
As many of you might know, I sell cameras. Many of which you can see on my Cameras For Sale page (or my Instagram page). But what some of you might not know is that a lot of the cameras i sell on the website are consignment items for my clients.

Tell me JCH, what is consignment?

Consignment sales are when I sell the item on your behalf for a fee. Many stores and sellers offer this service and it is a very common way for items to be sold for a good price. My fee is 10% of the final sale price of the item. The item is inspected and listed for sale on the website and when it sells you are sent the money for you item. Simple.

So, what is the advantage of selling items on consignment?

There are several advantages. You will get a better deal than trade in. You don’t have to deal with potential buyers directly, which can be time consuming (and sometimes frustrating). And you get a rosy feeling knowing that JCH has sent your item off to a good home. I make sure my customers are happy knowing they are buying quality items.

How long does this take? 

Well, that depends. Popular items can sell very quickly. High end items often take a bit more time as they are a big decision for a buyer. It also depends on the price that you set the items for. I will advise on what would be suitable for the items after I have inspected and graded them in preparation for sale.

How do I do this then?

Simple, contact me through the site by clicking here. I will ask you to send your items to me via trackable post to be inspected and photographed for sale. The items will be held in escrow (in humidity controlled cabinets) until they are sold and then we can arrange payment to you minus my fee. All items are sold in USD, so payment would be in USD.

What about if I change my mind?

No stress, sometimes people realize they want to keep their best beloved. That is understandable. If that is the case I can send the items back to you for only the cost of the shipping.

Any no-no’s? 

Yes, please don’t send me boxes full of unwrapped broken lenses (actually happened), all of the junk you can find in your cupboard (also happened) or forget to put your name on the box (has happened more times than I can count). If you are not sure what you have will sell, drop me a line and I can advise you.

Anything else?

Yes, I am always looking for rare items of course. Anything with a story attached to it, or provenance is even better. If you think you have something that will appeal to the JCH readers then get in touch and let me know.

Contact me here