In your bag No: 1548 – René Grube

René shows off his red dot swag that’s never too far away to capture those fleeting moments.

I’m René Grube from Wermelskirchen near Cologne/Germany and part-time resident in the Netherlands.

After 20 years of news shooting for print and television i stopped in 2013.  Now i prefer Street Photography on film – back to the (my) roots.

I use different cams. Mostly the pictured Leica M4 black and the M4-P with a Leicameter MR4 (tuned to 1,5V cell).

My usual Optics Range is 28mm Elmarit, 50mm Summicron and the Elmar C 90mm. Very funny is also the Fujinon EBC 16mm Fisheye with Adapter M42/LM.

On this lens you dont need to focus -its at f 5,6 sharp from beginning till the end. For aiming i use a cheap HOLGA Finder.

I shoot both, colour and B/W – Kodak T-Max, Tri-X and the lovely Portra 160/400. And i self-develop at home with Jobo CPE.

But 20 years of shooting News are leaving tics! I always take a modern “Aim and shoot“ Cam with wide optical range and TV skills for actualities with me.

Ok, a prof. DSLR with 3 Optics is rather heavy – So i found my “dirty nasty beast” – The Leiva V-Lux 114 – a great performer for all situations and easier to carry.

On picture is also my new Rollei bag. Lightweight, black and from Nylon with Raincover. I am afraid of cotton and leather, because of humidity. 

At the time, i build up my new blog  – feel free to surf  it (I´m busy with content!)

Best regards, René

Thanks for sending in your bag shot René, the Leica love is strong here. Interesting points too for not using cotton and leather bags.

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