In your bag No: 1550 – Tony Manoharan

Tony packs a secret Hassy along with some Olympus goodies in his daily arsenal.

Greetings from Toronto, Canada, my name is Tony. A few leap years ago, I took a film photography course in high school. I was fascinated with the development process and working in the darkroom. Watching a photo come to life, you get to relive that memory of first taking the snap. But, it wasn’t until 20 years later that my passion for shooting film was rejuvenated.

My Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II is what actually sparked my interest to get back into film. After buying a few digital micro-four-thirds lenses, I started playing around with the OM legacy lenses. They were cheap, decent glass and with an adapter they mounted to my digital mirrorless camera. Auto-focus was now a distant thought.

Not long after that, I sourced an Olympus OM-1. My first film camera since I was in primary school. I had more fun with the vintage OM-1, than the new digital OM-D. Learning how to shoot manually, setting my aperture and shutter speeds, made me more appreciative of taking photos.

After watching some cool videos of how the Xpan and Fujifilm TX series shot panoramic photos, I was lucky to find myself a minty TX-1 with the 45mm and 90mm lenes (the 30mm will have to wait until I win the lottery). I have a Hirano hand-made leather case protecting my now favourite camera.

 I usually shoot with Iford HP5, Natura 1600 (bummed out that it’s now discontinued), and Cinestill 800t. Housing my film, I use the JCH film case. Though I have never visited Japan, I carry a 5 yen coin in my Domke bag in case I need to change batteries on the go. Trying to keep things nostalgic, I even have an original OM braided neck strap to carry my digital OM-D. The next camera I am eyeing is the sharp and compact Contax T3.

For anyone interested, my Instagram account displays my panoramic snaps taken with my TX-1:

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Thanks for showing us your bag shot Tony. That Tx-1 is indeed a panoramic gem. You know where to go when you get that Contax T3 right? ;)

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