In your bag No: 534, Konstantin-Michael Mihailov Mihov
Cool, not only does Konstantin have a great bag, but he also has an epic name! Todays bag is a brilliant combo with a certain style to it. Come and check this bag from Slovenia.

I’ve been quite inspired in the past weeks by your posts of camera bags but because of an impending move, I didn’t have all my gear available at all times. Now that I have finally settled in Slovenia, I thought of assembling my bag and sending you a picture. Below is some description of all the gear as well as a few words about me.

The camera that has been with me the longest (for 2 and a half years now) is a trusted black M9 which has seen a bit of a rough treatment, with more than 40,000 actuations, brassing on the bottom and in the corners on the top, and with loads of locations seen: from the streets of Berlin, Paris, London and Vienna to the mountain tops of Bulgaria and the coast of Miami! I have a few batteries for it and I have shot many different lenses with it. Currently, my two M lenses are a Summicron 35 ASPH (mounted on the M7) and a Elmar C 90. The M7 is a recent purchase – I’ve been thinking of a venture into film Leica for many months now and when I was on a visit to Paris several weeks ago, I saw this M7 in the Leica store in a user condition for a good price and I took it. I shot several films through it during the Paris trip and developed 2 of them on my own (first time developing film following the instructions posted on your website some time ago). In addition, I have an Olympus OM-D with three lenses – Panasonic 20/f1.7, Olympus kit lens, and Olympus 12/f2.0. I also have an adapter for my Leica lenses to the Olympus body but have yet to use it. Of course, I keep a full collection of accessories (batteries, flashes, SD cards and film) as well as an e-book reader, Moleskine journal with a collection of Montblanc pens and an iPad (latest gen) which I use often for the processing of the digital pictures (I like using Filterstorm and Snapseed).

I’ve been taking up photography for several years now doing mostly street and event photography but also wedding and portraiture. I do my photography almost exclusively for pleasure and rarely take up any commissioned work – the advantages of being employed in a good steady job. One of my upcoming personal projects is to create a portfolio of photographs illustration the book by Joseph Brodsky “Watermark” – a collection of essays about Venice.

I post most of my pictures on my personal website: as well as linking them to my Facebook Page ( and Facebook Profile (

Cheers, Konstantin

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Konstantin. Sounds like your M9 has seen the world, I hope it keeps on ‘seeing’ for a long time.
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