In your bag 462, Mark Ivkovic
Mark brings us a bag of ‘analogous loveliness’ in his own words. Well, let’s have a look and see if it really is what he claims. Check it out.

First the ever so obligatory “Long time listener, first time caller” bit.

So here’s my little bag of analogous loveliness. As a working photographer I do actually have a rather sizeable collection of different camera bags as we all know every time you buy a new bit of gear you need to reassess which bag will best fit it’s style.

Right, so to me, I’m a beauty and fashion editorial portrait photographer from England who loves nothing more than just making photographs all the time. I tend to be drawn to “people” photography however I’ll always be the one photographing the unseen moments and objects.

So here’s my Billingham with the gear I chose to take with me on a trip to the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic last year. This was a trip for some much needed r & r so I knew I needed to leave the work gear behind and gain some headspace.

My buddies for the trip were;

Leitz Minolta CL – 40mm f2 & CV 15mm f4.5 (plus finder which came back with its own battle scar thanks to a trip down a flight of art deco tiled stairs)

Holga 120N

Sekonic meter

Lens Cloth

Film Stock (lives in the little red pencil case)   35mm – Kodak TMax & Fuji Reala Superia 100

120 – Ilford HP5+, Kodak Portra 400, Fuji 160S, Konica Minolta 160 Pro (soo out of date it’s almost in date again) (as a working photographer that others know shoots film I tend to get plenty of old stock 120 donated to me, lucky me eh)

Moleskin, pen, metro ticket, map, business cards (the vital components of any photographers bag).

I probably enjoyed shooting colour again the most after 5 months or so of just TriX through the CL;

Plus iPhone –

Much fun was had stepping back to an all film set up for a few days, well plus the iPhone. A few shots can be found on my blog from the trip –

Or check the Flickr to see what other random things I post, personal and commissioned –

Plus there’s always my portfolio –

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Thanks man, keep up the good work with the site and whole JCH community.

Mark Ivkovic

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mark. You are right, it is a bag of analogous loveliness.
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