In your bag 816, Josh Jones
At 19, Josh may be young, but he knows what he wants from his bag. Check out this beautifully simple setup.

My name is Josh Jones, im 19 and live in Cheshire In the UK.
I work full-time as a chef but whenever i get the chance i get out with my camera.

What’s in the bag:

The Bag:
Billingham Hadley Pro in black and green

The Camera’s:
Leica m4-P
Chinon CE memetron

50mm/f2 Jupiter 8 LTM
40mm/f2 Summicron M
55mm/f1.2 auto chinon tomioka M42
21mm/f4 Panagor auto wide angle M42

I first became interested in photography when i got a nikon d60 for my 15th birthday. This led too me studying photography at college for two years and learning digital techniques as well as traditional darkroom skills. I used the d60 too shoot my initial interest in landscapes, HDR and panoramics until my neighbour gifted me a zorki 4 russian rangefinder with the jupiter 8 lens and i caught the film bug. From then on my shooting focused more on street photography and the odd portrait.

Shortly after the zorki-4 croaked it i sold the d60 and lenses and bought a Leica M4-P and a LTM to M mount adapter and used the jupiter 8 for a while until id rounded up enough cash to buy a 40mm summicron-c. I used this one lens one camera setup for a while then was gifted by the same neighbour as before the chinon with the very nice 55mm f1.2 and 21mm f4. (free camera’s ftw!)

Thanks for letting me share my gear! My work can be seen here:

Thanks for sharing your gear with us Josh. It is great to hear that you have been busy in the darkroom. Keep it up.
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