In your bag No: 1511 – Marc Holstein

Marc comes back to us with a supreme balance of film and digital and shares his latest work horses.

It has been a while since i have sent you a bag shot so i thought it would be nice to give you an updated version. 

This bag is the setup for my personal work, i am using a Canon system alongside this for my commercial work. 

The Bag is Filson Medium Field bag with a Billingham insert.  Inside the Bag there is my Rangefinder body of choice : The Leica M9. 

I am and probably always will be a fan of this CCD sensor. Even after years of shooting with this camera i still love it to bits. 

The Lenses i use at the moment are : 

35mm CV Ultron 1.7 Razor sharp, lots of Micro contrast. 

50mm Lux ASPH custom red writing. Usually always on the M. 

75mm Canadian Lux this has got to be my favourite lens. I love the renders and flares. just the right amount of sharp and softness for a portrait lens. 

Ricoh GR1s. Loaded with HP5. Love this little camera. though they are a little fragile, i have managed to destroy two already.

Hasselblad 501 CM. The Daddy. Along with the Pentax 67 my favourite medium format camera. i usually end up taking this along because the p67 does not fit in the bag. 

Loaded with HP5 and a second mag with Portra 160. 



​Instagram: @marc.holstein​

Thanks for the update Marc. Some sweet glass in your work flow there!

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